Video contest



Video contest in the category “Drums-solo” in the framework of the International festival-competition “DrumsfestRussia-2017”

The competition runs from 01.06.2017, 15.08.2017 by viewing video presentations, sent by e-mail:

The application can be submitted until July 20. 20 Aug 2017- announcement of the contest winners.

The contest has got two age categories:

To 17 years (inclusive) girls

To 17 years (inclusive) boys

From18 years and older (the age limit is not restricted) girls

From 18 years and older (the age limit is not restricted) boys

  1. The conditions of competition
  • Participant must send the e-mail address (e-mail)

– link posted video presentations on YOUTUBE

– the application in a free form indicating the name and surname of the participant, briefly about yourself, name (author) song, country, city, postal address, email address, contact phone number. If the participant performs under the direction of the teacher, provide the name of teacher.

– a copy of the document confirming the age of participant

– a copy of the document confirming payment of the registration fee.

The video should be a song of any genre up to 5 min. Two options to choose from:

1) The composition can be played by a minus or accompanied by a live team of musicians.

2) Solo. 

Technical requirements for submitted material:

  • do not have professional Studio recording, but the video must be of good quality. Sound quality should all be clearly audible.
  • welcome professional photography.
  • inaudible sound and very poor image small scale of the frame will not be Evaluated.

Financial terms:

  • The registration fee for the citizens of the Russian Federation and CIS countries-1000 rubles. (for the ruble transfer go to the Russian version of the site)
  • The registration fee for the participation of foreign citizens- $ 30 USA (download Bank details) (Only US dollars accepted)
  • A copy in electronic form of the document confirming the payment is sent together with the application and a link to the video. In the absence of the document application is not accepted.
  • The registration fee will be sent to the account (download Bank details)


Evaluation criteria

Attention! Preview and selection of videos is carried out by the organizing team video contest. Each jury member evaluates the video performance of the participant according to age category in the 100 point system. The final result will be billed according to the total amount exhibited by all members of the jury.

Each member of the jury points:

90-100 points-GRAND Prix

70-89 points-1st place

50-69 2 points -2 d place

The jury evaluates the technical data of the participant, the quality of sound production on the instrument, manner of performance, individual performance findings.

The GRAND Prix and prizes are not shared. The decision of jury is final and cannot be appealed.

Every jury member sends The evaluation Protocol for each age category with the caption refers to the Executive Secretary, which makes the overall scoring. The jury has the right, in case of equal scores of several participants, applicants for 1 place and GRAND Prix, ask the participants also send a video recording of solo performance, composition for 2 minutes.

The evaluation of additional performance: the solo is determined by the final winner of the GRAND Prix and 1st place. The prize Fund in each age category. GRAND Prix(2 places)- right to participate in the International festival–contest “DumsfestRussia-2017”, without any registration fee and free accommodation in Moscow.

The final result will be announced on 25 August 2017.

Winners can receive prizes by mail or at the responsible Secretary of the competition, having phoned in advance.